Research specialization

 Fields of interest


Conventional, thermal electricity generation
  Reliability of the power units
  Self-demand systems of power units
Power transmission and distribution, embedded generation
  Optimization of power systems operation
  Integration of Distributed Generation (DG) into power systems and Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  Electricity and Capacity Markets
  Power Quality
  Transformer diagnostics
  Analyses and designing of instrument transformers
Electricity utilization
  Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  Safety systems in Automatic Train Control (ATC) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  Drive systems in electric rail vehicle
  Illumination and lighting(modern light sources)


 Academic and research topics


Electrical Networks Division


Analysis of transient and steady states in electrical networks

Control systems for network operation with high penetration of Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources (Intelligent microgrids, Smart Grids)

Analysis of Distributed Generation units impact on power system operation, "network capacity" for new units


Electricity Markets and Capacity Mechanisms according to systems with Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Sources

Utilization of energy storages in distribution networks (including electric vehicles)

Power Quality improvement, manners and measures for compensation of electromagnetic disturbances

Developing of power system development strategy according to improvement of energy efficiency and utilization of local resources

The rules and requirements for illumination and interior lighting with utilization of modern lighting sources and supplying systems; utilization of LED sources

Power Plant Division


Self demand systems of the large power units

Reliability of the power units

Biomass electrical and thermal utilization

High Voltage Division


Partial discharges in high voltage equipment

Environmental impact of electrical equipment and systems

Transport and Energy Processing Division


Information transmission between the vehicle track and the traction unit for Automatic Train Control and Automatic Train Protection systems

Modelling, simulations and tests of traction units

R&D according to electric vehicles

The future perspectives of high-speed railways development in Poland
Instrument Transformers and EMC Division

Analyses and designing of various type of instrument transformers including the issue of insulation material. Constructing the performance standard instrument transformers

Analyses of EMC issues