Formal requirements related to the final exam documents


  1. application for the final exam + statement on the familiarization with anti-plagiarism procedures and rules of data processing (it can be printed from

  2. for diploma in:
    a. Polish (obligatory): 4 photographs (size: 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm, black and white, formal dress wear) and 60 zł fee,
    b. for the copy of the diploma translated into English: 1 additional photography and surcharge of 40 zł,
    (total charge: 100 zł, the fee for additional copy of the diploma translated into English is 40 zł)

  3. The original proof of the diploma fee payment

The student submits two copies of printed thesis (one copy should be binded). Both copies should be printed double-sided. The pdf version of the thesis, on a CD, should be attached to the end of each printed copy (pdf file should allow for full-text words indexing).
The file name should be as follows: Student index number_first name_last name_MSc (or _BSc - depending on the thesis type). At the end of each printed copy one should attach:

  • a statement referring the principles of thesis originality control in the anti-plagiarism system,

  • a declaration of independency during thesis performing and its originality,

  • a statement of compliance of the electronic and printed versions,

  • a control protocol of thesis originality (signed by thesis supervisor).

  • an opinion on the originality of the thesis (required if the thesis originality control protocol points that the work may contain unauthorized borrowings).

In front of the statements one should attach the thesis summary in English and Polish. The tile page should include English title under Polish title.

Each thesis should include a printout from anti-plagiarism system. The CD should be signed such as pdf file, Student index number_first name_last name_MSc (or _BSc)